This is a wildfire prediction project using machine learning being developed to try and help people around the globe.
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What does this code do.

Wildfire AWARE provides the tools to prevent wildfires before they happen. overview Wildfire Aware provides the capability to predict wildfires before they occur, limiting the damage they can cause. Our tool empowers fire services and individuals around the world by providing valuable information that can be incorporated into fire mitigation and minimization schemes. We utilise the power of advanced machine learning techniques alongside detailed hyper-local weather data from around the world.

The predictions we make are updated regularly and displayed on our highly intuitive web app. The visualization capabilities of our app are made possible by the brilliant WebWorldWind which provides the perfect canvas upon which to represent many types of informative data.

We hope that by using our tool firefighters and anybody who is environmentally conscious can look ahead, stop wildfires, and potentially save lives.

Run locally


Python 3.x requirements.txt

Use the app

1.) Clone the repository.

git clone

2.) Install python dependencies via pip

pip install -r requirements.txt

3.) Navigate to webserver directory

cd django_project

4.) Run the server!

python runserver

5.) Enjoy!

A note from the creators

Note from Flinn, Vishal and Pete: Thank you for taking the time to view our app, we would really appreciate any feedback you may have. You can reach us through our Twitter or Facebook

Hope you enjoy the code ;)


This code is licensed under an MIT license