Project Shows how the Single Neuron Perceptron can be used to solve two outcome problems.
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This Project is for Educational Purposes Only

It is designed to illustrate the Single Layer Perceptron in Elixir. It accompanies the Post on Automating The Future called Training Elixir Processes To Learn Like Neurons. This repo can be downloaded and copied as much as you like. The main thing here is to illustrate to the readers how this type of Neural Network works in a down to earth easy to grasp example.

The Story of The Bagger

The Bagger is an automated system that looks at any grocery list and classifies the list's items into two distinct categories. The categories are hot items and cold items. The Bagger's job is to put these items in the appropriate bag on its own.

Getting Started

Getting started is easy the whole point of this project is to give an Elixir based example of the Single Layer Perceptron and how it can be used to Classify items on its own. To get started just run the following command.

  #after cloning
  mix deps.get
  #start console
  iex -S mix

The entry point into the project is...

  Bagger.bag(<optionaly grocery list>)
  # SEE how bagger automatically packs the groceries in the correct bag

For a greater understanding of whats happening here read the post here