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@TheQwertiest TheQwertiest released this Nov 19, 2018 · 305 commits to master since this release


See wiki for the detailed description of API changes.


  • Improved drag-n-drop window:
    • Image displays number of tracks being dragged (thanks to @reupen!).
    • Tooltip text describes the performed drop action (configurable through action.Text field).
  • API changes:
    • Added clearInterval, clearTimeout, setInterval, setTimeout methods to global namespace.
    • Added gdi.LoadImageSyncV2 method.
    • Added utils.GetAlbumArtAsyncV2 method.
    • Added arguments to FbProfiler.Print: additional message and an option to disable component info.
    • Added global constructors for the following objects:
      • FbMetadbHandleList: from another FbMetadbHandleList, from an array of FbMetadbHandle, from a single FbMetadbHandle and a default constructor.
      • GdiBitmap: from another GdiBitmap.
      • FbProfiler: accepts the same arguments as fb.CreateProfiler.
      • FbTitleFormat: accepts the same arguments as fb.TitleFormat.
  • Improved logging of objects through console.log: now it displays object's content as well.
  • Added documentation link to default context menu (accessible via WIN-SHIFT-RightClick).
  • Added callbacks to HTML documentation.
  • Updated basic samples with the new methods.


  • API changes:
    • fb.DoDragDrop now requires an additional window.ID argument.
    • fb.CreateHandleList is marked as [Deprecated] and will be removed in v2.0.0.
  • Reimplemented SMP call handling so as to conform with Run to completion rule.
  • Made adjustment to GC policies.


  • FbMetadbHandle.FileSize returns -1 properly now when file size is not available.
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