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API Changes

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For the latest detailed documentation use docs/html/index.html inside your foo_spider_monkey_panel installation (e.g. foobar2000/user-components/foo_spider_monkey_panel/docs).


  • API marked with [Experimental] is subject to change and might not be stable or fully functional.
  • API marked with [Deprecated] will be removed in future versions and thus should not be used.

Table of Contents



  • Changed include behaviour:
    • path argument now supports relative paths.
    • Has include guards - script won't be evaluated a second time if it was evaluated before in the same panel.
    • Has script caching - script file will be read only once from filesystem (even if it is included from different panels).
  • Added optional options argument to include, which might contain the following modifiers:
    • always_evaluate (default false): If true, evaluates the script even if it was included before.



  • Added optional options argument to fb.DoDragDrop, which might contain the following modifiers:
    • show_text (default true): if true, will add track count text
    • use_album_art (default true): if true, will use album art of the focused item from dragged tracks (if available)
    • use_theming (default true): if true, will use Windows drag window style. Album art and custom image are resized to fit when Windows style is active.
    • custom_image (default undefined): custom dragging image. Will be also displayed if use_album_art is true, but there is no album art available.



  • Added clearInterval, clearTimeout, setInterval, setTimeout methods to global namespace.
    They work the same as corresponding window.ClearInterval, window.ClearTimeout, window.SetInterval, window.SetTimeout methods.
  • Added gdi.LoadImageSyncV2 method.
    Works the same as gdi.LoadImageSync, but returns a Promise object instead of calling on_load_image_done.
  • Added utils.GetAlbumArtAsyncV2 method.
    Works the same as gdi.GetAlbumArtAsync, but returns a Promise object instead of calling on_get_album_art_done.
  • Added arguments to FbProfiler.Print: additional message and an option to disable component info.
  • Added global constructors for the following objects:
    • FbMetadbHandleList: from another FbMetadbHandleList, from an array of FbMetadbHandle, from a single FbMetadbHandle and a default constructor.
    • GdiBitmap: from another GdiBitmap.
    • FbProfiler: accepts the same arguments as fb.CreateProfiler.
    • FbTitleFormat: accepts the same arguments as fb.TitleFormat.


  • fb.DoDragDrop now requires an additional window.ID argument.
  • New Text property in action argument of on_drag_* callbacks: setting this property will change the drop text on drag window.
  • [Deprecated]fb.CreateHandleList: use FbMetadbHandleList constructor instead.



  • Added window properties for memory tracking:
    • window.MemoryLimit: maximum allowed memory usage for the component. If the total memory usage exceeds this value, all panels will fail with OOM error.
    • window.PanelMemoryUsage: memory usage of the current panel.
    • window.TotalMemoryUsage: total memory usage of all panels.



  • Added FbMetadbHandleList.RemoveAttachImages method.


  • Rewrote plman.PlaylistRecyclerManager, since it was broken:
    • Replaced Name property with GetName method.
    • Replaced Content property with GetContent method.
    • Renamed to plman.PlaylistRecycler.



  • Reimplemented utils.ShowHtmlDialog():
    • No longer considered [Experimental] and is safe to use.
    • Does not return a value anymore.
    • Utilizes the latest non-Edge IE that you have on your system.
    • More options: width, height, x, y, center, context_menu, resizable, selection, scroll.



  • [Experimental] Added utils.ShowHtmlDialog() method.
    This method allows the creation of modal HTML windows rendered by IE8 engine.
    utils.ShowHtmlDialog(window_id, code_or_file, { width: window_w, height: window_h, data: callback_data }).
    • code_or_file: either html code or path to html file (must be set with file:// prefix).
    • data: will be saved in window.external.dialogArguments object and can be accessed from JavaScript executed inside HTML window.
    • Method returns value set to window.returnValue from HTML code.


  • Removed utils.CreateHtmlWindow() method, since it was totally broken.


Note: despite changing scripting engine to SpiderMonkey, the file-system and web access is still provided via ActiveX objects.


  • JavaScript is now conformant to ES2018 standard and has quite a few new features:
  • All methods that returned VBArray before return a proper JS array now.
  • FbMetadbHandleList items now can be accessed with [ ] operator.
  • Added global include('path/to/script.js') method.
    This method is like eval(ReadFile('path/to/script.js')), but provides better error reporting and might have more features in the future (e.g. script caching; one time include only aka include guard).
  • Added window.DefinePanel() method.
    A replacement for the old ==PREPROCESSOR== header.
    window.DefinePanel(panel_name, { author: author_name, version: version_string, features: {drag_n_drop: boolean} } ).
    • The second argument and all of it's properties are optional.
    • drag_n_drop is false by default.
  • [BROKEN, DON'T USE] Added utils.CreateHtmlWindow() method.

Breaking changes

Change Reason Workaround
Dropped support for Windows XP/Vista (Windows 7 is the minimum requirement) SpiderMonkey engine and CUI SDK require Windows 7 or higher Use foo_jscript_panel or upgrade your OS
All methods and properties are case-sensitive Required by ECMAScript standard Fix the wrong case :)
Removed Dispose() Not needed anymore: JS GC destroys those by itself now when corresponding reference count is zero Remove those methods and assign null or undefined to variables if needed
Removed toArray() Not needed anymore: all corresponding methods return a proper JS array now Remove those methods
Removed FbMetadbHandleList.Item() Not needed anymore: FbMetadbHandleList has proper array accessors now Replace .Item(i) with [i]
Changed utils.Version return type: returns string instead of number Component uses semantic versioning, which requires string representation Remove all version checks - the versioning is different from JSP anyway
New limitations imposed on on_notify_data callback regarding data argument(see docs) Limitations are brought by the JS engine Don't modify data and make a deep clone when storing it
Removed old ==PREPROCESSOR== panel header support Old header could only be used in the main configure panel and was not a proper JS method Replace with the following:
window.DefinePanel('Panel Name', { author: 'Author', version: 'Version', features: {drag_n_drop: true|false}} );
Most methods have much stricter error checks Before, methods could fail silently without doing anything, which made diagnosing errors unnecessary hard Fix incorrect calls and arguments
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