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Please give BrainfuckPHP a visit instead!

Please note that this project was started at 03:00, will most likely be worked on 03:00 and therefor the codequality will suffer.

Derp++ is a PHP Interpreter for a Brainfuck-ish Language, the difference is the change of which operators are used.

Operator Function
HERP Moves pointer 1 cell to the right
DERP Moves pointer 1 cell to the left
HURR Adds 1 to the current cell
DURR Subtracts 1 from the current cell
GIGGITY Prints Ascii representation of current cell
GOO Inputs Ascii value of input character

if the value at the current cell is zero, then instead of moving the instruction pointer forward to the next command, jump it forward to the command after the matching DOO command.


if the valuue at the current cell is > 0, then instead of moving the instruction pointer forward to the next command, jump it back to the command after the matching WOOPY command.


  $derp = new derpplusplus();
  $derp->interpret('DERP++ Code');

Code examples

Printing the alphabet
Hello World!