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An S3 based static site framework with a lot of features.
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This project demonstrates basic serverless principals to build infrastructure for website hosting in an automated and secure manner that is distributed globally. The cloudformation template is designed to create a secure S3 bucket preconfigured for website hosting.

If the user also has a registered domain name with Amazon the template will:

  • Create an SSL certificate.
  • Create a CloudFront distribution.
  • Create a Route 53 record for your naked domain name to your CloudFront distribution.
  • Connect each component properly together.

If desired the user can also:

  • Add a subdomain to the certificate.
  • Add a subdomain to Route 53 record set and point it to the CloudFront distribution.
  • Use the included Codebuild and Codepipeline workflow to stage changes to a staging bucket before moving to the s3 bucket.
  • Use the included IAM User to approve changes.
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