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Sample Programs in Every Programming Language
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Sample Programs in Every Language

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Welcome to the Sample Programs in Every Language repository! What began as a simple 100 Days of Code challenge has expanded into a fun project. Within this repository, you'll find a growing collection of simple programs in just about every programming language to date.

Learn More

Originally, I had planned to have an article written for every code snippet in this repository. However, in the interest of growing this collection, I removed the pull request merge article requirement. As a result, not every code snippet in the repository has an associated article, yet.

Of course, we're adding articles every day, and we're tracking our article progress under the issues tab. Feel free to request your favorites from there, and we'll try to move them up the queue. If you can't wait, consider writing the article yourself. Prospective authors can find directions in the contributing doc.

At any rate, if articles sound interesting, here are a few to get you started:

Alternatively, feel free to leverage the links in the README files spread throughout the repository. In addition, we have a rather extensive wiki which includes a table row for every language in the repository. For each language, you'll find information like open issues and the number of snippets.

Finally, you can keep up with the latest happening in this repository as well as all the others in this organization through our Gitter community. Come chat!


To properly follow the recommended GitHub community standards, I've created contribution instructions. Please refer to this document before contributing to this repository.

As an added note, I try to write articles for all the contributions. If you're interesting in helping out with that, register for an account on The Renegade Coder. When you're done, let me know, so I can elevate your privileges. I'm always excited to have support from guest authors.

Code of Conduct

In accordance with recommended GitHub community standards, I've included the general Code of Conduct. Please refer to this document before contributing to this repository.


The Sample Programs repository uses the MIT license. Feel free to browse the document to learn more about your rights as a user of this repository.


Sample Programs in Every Language is a project run by myself, Jeremy Grifski, as a part of my website, The Renegade Coder. If you're looking to support The Renegade Coder, check out my 5 Ways You Can Support The Renegade Coder article.

As a bit of a summary, here are a few links you can use to support this project:

Thanks for your support! ☺️

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