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The Sample Programs Docs Generator

The Sample Programs Wiki tool houses the script which we use in the Sample Programs repository to generate our documentation. The script is automated by a GitHub Actions build in the Sample Programs repo.

If you would like to propose a change, feel free to leverage the issues tab or make a pull request.

How It Works

The script works by analyzing the information in the Sample Programs repository and storing that information in objects. These objects are then used to generate various documentation pages in Markdown.

What is Automated

Currently, the script maintains our entire Sample Programs wiki.

During wiki automation, it generates 27 pages: 1 alphabet catalog and 26 alphabet pages.

The alphabet catalog contains a table with links to each alphabet page as well as metadata like the number of scripts and languages per letter. In addition, the alphabet catalog contains the total number of scripts and languages for the entire repo.

Each alphabet page contains a table which lists each language for that particular letter as well as metadata like the number of scripts per language as well as linking to articles and issues.

How to Run

At this time, the wiki generator is hardcoded for the Sample Programs repo. In order to run it, you can install it as a package using pip:

pip install jisho

After that, you'll need a copy of the Sample Programs repo:

git clone

Finally, you can build the wiki using the following command:

jisho /path/to/sample-programs/repo/archive

Alternatively, you can clone this repo to run the script directly:

python /path/to/sample-programs/repo/archive

Both solutions are designed to handle repo exploration from the /archive/ directory. If successful, you should begin to see print statements for the various links under test for The Renegade Coder. When finished, you'll have a /wiki/ directory next to your script which contains the wiki. Likewise, all the READMEs should be updated.

At this point, you can push the wiki directly to the Sample Programs wiki. That's it!