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Welcome to the Sample Programs in Every Language repository's wiki! While the project itself started as a simple 100 Days of Code challenge, it's become much more than that. Within the repository, you'll find a growing collection of simple programs in just about every programming language to date.


To follow the recommended GitHub community standards, we have a contribution instructions page that you should refer to before contributing to the repo.

As an added note, jrg tries to write articles for all of the contributions, however, if you're interested in helping out on this front, create an account on The Renegade Coder and let him know, so you can get your privileges elevated.

Wiki Layout

On the right is the navigation bar which contains links to various language collections. For example, we have an alphabetical catalog which organizes each language by its first letter. Each letter contains a page which itself has another list of all the languages which start with that letter and links to their section in the repo as well as their associated article (if one exists) on The Renegade Coder.

Wiki Automation

Keep in mind that major parts of this wiki are automatically generated. In other words, if you make a change to any of these pages, there's a chance the change will be overwritten the next time a pull request is merged. In other words, if you need to make a change, you should create an issue for the change. At that point, one of our collaborators can take care of it, or you can personally make yourself responsible for the issue.

If you're interested in checking out how the wiki generation works, head over to the Sample Programs Wiki Generator repo.

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