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This is a basic C# wrapper for the Diffbot API (http://www.diffbot.com/).

I developed this as a plugin for Pistashio (http://pistash.io): The easiest way to save and organize your interests from anywhere. I wanted to use the diffbot functionality to bring a more meta-data and context to any item bundled with a url.

Basic documentation:
There are 4 application config options, with 'DiffBotAPI_Token' being the only required option

<!-- Diffbot API Config -->
<add key="DiffBotAPI_UseHtml" value="false" />
<add key="DiffBotAPI_Token" value="YOUR_TOKEN" />
<add key="DiffBotAPI_UseWebClientFallback" value="true" />
<add key="DiffBotAPI_Url" value="http://www.diffbot.com/api/" />

Each is explained in the config region of the code.

To get an article, simply call the following:

var api = new DiffBotAPI();
var article = api.Article( "http://pistash.io" );