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Step 1: Getting Started

  • After downloading the project to your computer , using the git provided instructions. You need to change the projects bundle indetifier in the info.plist , and version its version number so everything is relevant to your work. Other than that , you are now ready to start developing.

Step 2: Download / Create the CoreML Models

  • You are gonna need to download or create some coreML models to tie into the app.
    • You can take a look at examples of coreML models here ..
    • We reccomend looking at Apple Guidelines though that can be found here.

Step 3: Read About Contributing

  • Help develop this! With all the great talent on github I belive open source was the way to go with this particular project. All developers that add a thing or two will get a post showcasing their work on my @therisecollection company instagram , and will be listed in the future DEVELOPERS.md file..

  • Please read the CONTRIBUTIONS.md more important details can be found there.

Step 4: Documentation

  • Make sure to create some form of documentation when implementing new coreML moddels to help future developers that come across this repo.