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2013-02-22 Rudy <>
* cl-heap-tests.asd (:cl-heap-tests): Updated version to 0.1.6
* cl-heap.asd (:cl-heap): Updated version to 0.1.6
* fibonacci-heap.lisp (nmerge-heaps): Accepted patch from Michał
Psota to remove unused variable bindings.
2012-06-10 Rudy Neeser <>
* ( Updates for installation methods.
2012-06-09 Rudy Neeser <>
* Converted README to a markdown README
2012-03-31 Rudy Neeser <>
* cl-heap-tests.asd (:cl-heap-tests): Updated version number to
* cl-heap.asd (:cl-heap): Updated version number to 0.1.5
* heap.lisp (print-object):
Removed unnecessary slot accessor. Patch by Michał Psota.
* fibonacci-heap.lisp (concatenate-node-lists):
Removed unnecessary slot accessors. Patch by Michał Psota.
2010-09-04 Rudy Neeser <>
* binary-heap.lisp (children-positions, parent-position)
(percolate-down, percolate-up, decrease-key, delete-from-heap):
Changed the specialising class for various index arguments to
these functions from FIXNUM to INTEGER in order to increase
2010-03-17 Rudy Neeser <>
* cl-heap-tests.asd: Added a new system definition file to run the
testing framework for the package.
* cl-heap.asd: Removed the automatic loading of the testing
2009-12-20 Rudy Neeser <>
* binary-heap.lisp (add-to-heap, add-all-to-heap): Fixed a bug in
updating the size of the DATA array in the BINARY-HEAP class.
2009-06-18 Rudy Neeser <>
* fibonacci-heap.lisp (pop-heap): Fixed a bug which created an
array one size too small, causing POP-HEAP operations to
intermittently fail.