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;;; Copyright 2009-2010 Rudolph Neeser <>.
;;; Copyright 2012-2013 CL-HEAP (See AUTHORS file).
;;; This file is part of CL-HEAP
;;; CL-HEAP is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
;;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;;; the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
;;; (at your option) any later version.
;;; CL-HEAP is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;;; GNU General Public License for more details.
;;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;;; along with CL-HEAP. If not, see <>.
(in-package #:cl-heap)
(defclass fibonacci-heap (heap)
((root :initform nil
:documentation "The minimum element in the tree.")
(count :initform 0
:documentation "The number of items in the heap."))
(:documentation "A heap made up of item-disjoint, heap-ordered
trees. Has some good time constraints on various heap operations."))
(defclass node ()
((item :initform nil
:initarg :item
:accessor node-item)
(parent :initform nil
:accessor node-parent)
(child :initform nil
:accessor node-child)
(rank :initform 0
:accessor node-rank
:documentation "The number of children the node has.")
(marked :initform nil
:accessor node-marked-p
:documentation "Used to implement cascading cuts.")
(next :initform nil
:accessor node-next)
(last :initform nil
:accessor node-last))
(:documentation "A class used for storing data in a FIBONACCI-HEAP."))
(defmethod initialize-instance :after ((node node) &key)
(with-slots (next last) node
(setf next node
last node)))
(defmethod print-object ((node node) stream)
(print-unreadable-object (node stream :type t :identity t)
(format stream "Item: ~a" (slot-value node 'item))))
;;; Unexported functions for handling nodes.
(defgeneric unmark-node (node)
(:method ((node node))
(setf (node-marked-p node) nil)))
(defgeneric mark-node (node)
(:method ((node node))
(setf (node-marked-p node) t)))
(defgeneric is-node-root-p (node)
(:method ((node node))
(null (node-parent node))))
(defgeneric concatenate-node-lists (lhs rhs)
(:method ((lhs node) (rhs null))
(:method ((lhs null) (rhs node))
(:method ((lhs node) (rhs node))
(psetf (node-next lhs) rhs
(node-last (node-next lhs)) (node-last rhs)
(node-last rhs) lhs
(node-next (node-last rhs)) (node-next lhs))
(defgeneric delete-node (node)
(:documentation "Deletes this node from the linked list that it
represents, and returns the new list. Nulls the node's parent, and
resets its rank if appropriate.")
(:method ((node null))
(:method ((node node))
(with-slots (next last parent) node
(let ((result (when (not (eq next node))
(when result ; There was something to delete.
(psetf (node-last next) last
(node-next last) next
next node
last node))
(when parent ; Remove the item from any parents.
(decf (node-rank parent))
(when (eq (node-child parent) node)
(setf (node-child parent) result))
(setf parent nil))
(defmacro do-each-node ((symbol node) &body body)
(let ((node node)
(last (gensym))
(next (gensym)))
`(when ,node
with ,last = (node-last ,node)
for ,symbol = ,node then ,next
for ,next = (node-next ,node) then (node-next ,next)
while (not (eq ,symbol ,last))
do (progn
finally (progn
;;; Unexported functions
(defgeneric meld (one two)
(:documentation "Joins together two fibonacci heaps."))
;; This should not increase the heap's count of its items, since it's
;; used in areas such as linking, where this must not occur.
(defmethod meld ((heap fibonacci-heap) (item node))
"Adds a node to the heap."
(with-slots (root) heap
((null root)
(setf root item))
((compare-items heap (node-item root) (node-item item))
(setf root (concatenate-node-lists root item)))
(setf root (concatenate-node-lists item root)))))
;; This should adjust the heap's count of its children, since it's use
;; only makes sense in places where more items are added.
(defmethod meld ((heap1 fibonacci-heap) (heap2 fibonacci-heap))
(with-slots ((heap1-root root)
(heap1-count count)) heap1
(with-slots ((heap2-root root)
(heap2-count count)) heap2
(setf heap1-root (concatenate-node-lists heap1-root heap2-root))
(unless (compare-items heap1 (node-item heap1-root) (node-item heap2-root))
(setf heap1-root heap2-root
heap1-count (+ heap1-count heap2-count))))))
(defgeneric link (heap node-one node-two)
(:documentation "Places node-two as a child of node-one if
node-one's item is smaller, or vice versa.")
(:method ((heap fibonacci-heap) (node-one node) (node-two node))
(with-slots ((one-child child)
(one-item item)
(one-rank rank)) node-one
(with-slots ((two-child child)
(two-item item)
(two-rank rank)) node-two
((compare-items heap one-item two-item)
(delete-node node-two)
(unless (is-node-root-p node-two)
(unmark-node node-two))
(setf one-child (concatenate-node-lists one-child node-two)
(node-parent node-two) node-one)
(incf one-rank)
(delete-node node-one)
(setf two-child (concatenate-node-lists two-child node-one)
(node-parent node-one) node-two)
(incf two-rank)
(defgeneric cut-node (heap node)
(:documentation "Cuts a child from its parent and makes and places
it in the root list.")
(:method ((heap fibonacci-heap) (node node))
(let ((parent (node-parent node)))
(with-slots (root) heap
(delete-node node)
(concatenate-node-lists root node)
((and parent (not (is-node-root-p parent)) (node-marked-p parent))
(cut-node heap parent))
((and parent (not (is-node-root-p parent)))
(mark-node parent)
;;; Exported Functions
(defmethod empty-heap ((heap fibonacci-heap))
"Clears all items from the heap. This is a constant time operation."
(with-slots (root count) heap
(setf root nil
count 0))
(defmethod is-empty-heap-p ((heap fibonacci-heap))
(unless (slot-value heap 'root)
(defmethod heap-size ((heap fibonacci-heap))
(slot-value heap 'count))
(defmethod add-to-heap ((heap fibonacci-heap) item)
"Adds an item to a Fibonacci-heap. This is a constant time
operation. Returns the item added to the heap."
(let ((node (make-instance 'node :item item)))
(meld heap node)
(incf (slot-value heap 'count))
(values item node)))
(defmethod add-all-to-heap ((heap fibonacci-heap) (items list))
"Adds the following list of items into the heap. This is an O(n) operation."
(with-slots (count) heap
(loop for i in items
do (progn
(meld heap (make-instance 'node :item i))
(incf count))))
(defmethod peep-at-heap ((heap fibonacci-heap))
"See the heap's minimum value without modifying the heap. This is a
constant time operation."
(with-slots (root) heap
(when root
(node-item root))))
(defmethod pop-heap ((heap fibonacci-heap))
"Remove the minimum element in the tree. This has an amortised
running time of O(log(n)), where n is the number of items in the
(unless (is-empty-heap-p heap)
(let ((item (peep-at-heap heap)))
(with-slots (root count) heap
;; Delete the minimum.
(concatenate-node-lists root (node-child root))
(setf root (delete-node root))
(when root
(let ((ranks (make-array (1+ (ceiling (log count 2))) :initial-element nil))
(min nil))
;; Merge all trees of the same rank.
(labels ((sort-node (node)
(let ((position (node-rank node)))
((aref ranks position)
(let ((new (link heap node (aref ranks position))))
(setf (aref ranks position) nil)
(sort-node new)))
(setf (aref ranks position) node))))))
(do-each-node (node root)
;; The newly added nodes should not have a parent
(setf (node-parent node) nil)
(delete-node node)
(sort-node node)))
(loop for tree across ranks
do (when (not (null tree))
((null min)
(setf min tree))
((compare-items heap
(node-item min)
(node-item tree))
(setf min (concatenate-node-lists min tree)))
(setf min (concatenate-node-lists tree min))))))
(setf root min)))
(decf (slot-value heap 'count))
(defmethod nmerge-heaps ((first fibonacci-heap) (second fibonacci-heap))
"Destructively marges the two heaps. This is a constant time
(with-slots ((first-key key)
(first-fun sort-fun)) first
(with-slots ((second-key key)
(second-fun sort-fun)) second
(unless (and (eq first-key second-key)
(eq first-fun second-fun))
(error 'heap-error :message "These two heaps were constructed using different
access keys and sorting functions."))))
(meld first second)
(defmethod merge-heaps ((first fibonacci-heap) (second fibonacci-heap))
"Returns the merge of the two given heaps. This operation runs in
O(n + m), where n and m are the number of items in each heap."
(with-slots ((first-root root)
(first-key key)
(first-fun sort-fun)) first
(with-slots ((second-root root)
(second-key key)
(second-fun sort-fun)) second
(unless (and (eq first-key second-key)
(eq first-fun second-fun))
(error 'heap-error :message "These two heaps were constructed using different
access keys and sorting functions."))
(let ((result (make-instance 'fibonacci-heap
:sort-fun first-fun
:key first-key)))
(labels ((add-from-level (node-list)
(when node-list
(do-each-node (node node-list)
(add-from-level (node-child node))
(add-to-heap result (node-item node))))))
(add-from-level first-root)
(add-from-level second-root))
;;; This method decreases the node's key, removes the node from the
;;; tree and adds it to the root list (unless this is of course where
;;; the node originally was.
(defmethod decrease-key ((heap fibonacci-heap) (item-index node) value)
"Changes the value of an item represented by the ITEM-INDEX to
VALUE. This index is returned as the second argument to
ADD-TO-HEAP. This is an amortised constant time operation."
(with-slots (key sort-fun) heap
(unless (funcall sort-fun value (funcall key (node-item item-index)))
(error 'key-error :message
(format nil "The given value (~a) must be less than the current value (~a)."
value (funcall key (node-item item-index)))))
(if (eq key #'identity)
(setf (node-item item-index) value)
(funcall key (node-item item-index) value)
(error (e)
(declare (ignore e))
(error 'key-error))))
;; A child of something. See if cascading cuts should occur.
((node-parent item-index)
(let ((parent (node-parent item-index)))
(delete-node item-index)
(meld heap item-index)
(when (not (is-node-root-p parent))
(if (node-marked-p parent)
(cut-node heap parent)
(mark-node parent)))))
(t ; In the list with the root.
(with-slots (root) heap
(unless (compare-items heap (node-item root) (node-item item-index))
(setf root item-index))))))
(defmethod delete-from-heap ((heap fibonacci-heap) (item-index node))
"Removes an item from the heap, as pointed to by item-index. This
operation is amortised O(1), unless the item removed is the minimum item, in
which case the operation is equivalent to a POP-HEAP."
(with-slots (root count) heap
(let ((parent (node-parent item-index)))
((eq root item-index)
(pop-heap heap))
(do-each-node (child (node-child item-index))
(setf (node-parent child) nil))
;; Add children to root level.
(concatenate-node-lists root (node-child item-index))
(delete-node item-index)
(decf count)))
(when (and parent (not (is-node-root-p parent)))
(if (node-marked-p parent)
(cut-node heap parent)
(mark-node parent)))))