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A dummy allocator ptmalloc-inspired that we use to introduce n00bs to heap exploitation
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1) Overview

A dummy allocator that we use to introduce n00bs to heap exploitation.
trxmalloc is inspired by ptmalloc and many concepts are still valid on the
standard glibc allocator.

The code were developed by malweisse and anticlockwise and it is licensed
under BSD 2-Clause.

2) Build

Just use the Makefile.

$ make

Build a release version of It can be linked or preloaded.

$ make debug

Build a debug version of This enables debug prints.

3) Test

The test system is naive. It is just a fuzzy binary.

$ make test

Build the test binary.

$ sh

Run the test binary many times until a crash.

The test binary uses random integers and the seed is saved in the last_seed file
every execution.

4) Usage

To compile a binary linking

$ cc program.c -o program -L /path/to/trxmalloc -l trxmalloc \

To load trxmalloc in place of the standard allocator (not needed when compiling
using the command above) just preload it:

$ env LD_PRELOAD=/path/to/trxmalloc/ ./program 
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