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Bot for converting tweets on Wikipedia to the {{cite tweet}} template.

Wikipedia community approval

The bot is approved for use on the English Wikipedia. It runs periodically on Wikipedia editing a predefined list of articles (generated from Wikipedia database articles dump) replacing citation templates linking to Tweets (that are not {{cite tweet}}) with {{cite tweet}}. This code will be improved upon to make the bot better and more efficient at its approved task(s) (ie if {{cite tweet}} changes parameters, bot would be updated to reflect that) or to correct any errors that may arise. Any additional task(s) outside of its approved task(s) is subject to another Bot Requests For Approval application.


If you notice an issue with the bot/improvement that could be made, please do consider either submitting an issue in the Issues tab (and I will get to it ASAP) or correcting it and submitting a pull request. It may seem weird that I also create tasks within the Issues tab and just wanted to explain (perhaps unnecessarily) that I do to keep track of issues I discover in running the bot (via tests or live edits) or are brought to my attention by users and, additionally, want to make anyone viewing the code aware that the issue in question is being dealt with.

Python rewrite

The bot has been rewritten in Python 3.6 using pre-existing libraries and attempting to use as little REGEX as possible. The rewrite] appears to have addressed all of the issues raised by the PHP version and is now the active version of the bot.