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The Modular Python Bitcoin Miner is a very flexible mining software written in Python, aiming to unify the frontend of FPGA-based mining hardware.


  • Runs on Python 2.6+ / 3.0+
  • Very flexible, to allow for all kinds of weird mining hardware and future mining pool protocols
  • Multi-pool support (load balancing or failover, configurable)
  • Multi-worker support
  • Worker hotplug support
  • Web interface
  • All UI functions available through JSON API
  • Can easily handle clusters of tens of gigahashes, dependinding on the board type

Supported devices

  • Simple RS232-based interface, as a starting point for interface developers
  • X6500 FPGA mining board (no need for D2XX driver!)
  • Icarus board
  • ZTEX boards
  • Butterfly Labs (BFL) BitFORCE Single
  • ...more to follow!
  • Feel free to implement your own one!
  • Board vendors: Contact TheSeven with an offer (e.g. a board for testing) if you want your board to be added!


MPBM v0.1.0 screenshot

(Large version)


  • 2012-03-26: v0.1.0beta released
  • 2012-03-22: Testing branch almost ready to be released for production use
  • 2012-03-21: Added ztex board support to testing branch
  • 2012-02-09: Added experimental support for Icarus board
  • 2012-02-06: Initial public beta release (v0.0.4beta)

Documentation / Howtos

  • Coming soon...

Download / Source code

Getting help


  • Donations to 18NjWHVHLxcDuuJSyvd2K6hHbo2yTNsLYQ are gratefully accepted
  • Or, even better, donate a small share of your mining power to the MPBM authors by leaving the demo pool entries in the default configuration file enabled
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