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Documentation for WildBeast.
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This repository has moved to TheSharks/WildBeast and is no longer being updated.

This is the repository for the WildBeast documentation. Here you can contribute to our docs and help us make WildBeast easier to access for everyone!


This repository is maintained by the documentation writers of TheSharks. Other staff and external contributors are encouraged to make pull requests for quality control reasons.

Project maintainers:

You can contact the above with issues that concern their respective fields of responsibility.



If you need help on how to setup a development environment or any of the like, check out for more information.


Note to external contributors: This repository is governed by a very specific license to protect our intellectual property rights. The gist of it is: You are allowed to download and modify the contents of this repository only if the changes are intended to be returned as contributions. Redistribution and/or reuse in any case or form is forbidden. For more information, refer to the file.