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An awesome list of awesome components



  • com.facebook : An enhanced facebook module for IOS.
  • com.0x82.webserver : A built-in HTTP webserver inside your application.
  • ti.geovisite : iOS 8 Visit functionality in your iOS Titanium app
  • ti.wormhole : Titanium event support for the Today Widget and the Apple Watch.


  • appc.arrowdb : ArrowDB connector
  • appc.composite : Composite together Arrow models from other connectors in to a single model.
  • appc.jwplayer : A JWPlayer connector.
  • appc.mongo : MongoDB connector
  • appc.mssql : An Arrow connector to Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL).
  • appc.mysql : An Arrow connector to MySQL.
  • appc.redis : Redis connector for Arrow.
  • appc.salesforce : An Arrow connector to Salesforce.
  • arrow-orm : Object relational mapping (ORM) framework for Arrow.
  • : The COMPOSE JavaScript library designed to be used with Titanium Appcelerator.
  • file_loader : A caching file downloader for Titanium.
  • postgres : An Arrow connector to Postgres.
  • restapi : RestAPI Sync Adapter for Titanium Alloy Framework.
  • RESTe : Make the use of several REST api easier.
  • selectInputBox : Simulates the HTML5 select input.
  • tiapp.xml : Read and modify entries in the tiapp.xml file programmatically.
  • ti-better-option-dialog : The Titanium option dialog but with easier option creation.
  • ti-html2label : Convert HTML to Titanium objects.
  • ti-proxy : Parse JavaScript to proxy Titanium API calls.
  • ti.states : Define states for your user interface components.
  • validator : This is a titaniumified version of validator.
  • winston : A Node.ACS transport for winston.

  • : Extend the Appcelerator Titanium Mobile framework with the iOS6 social.framework.
  • tiadp : Uses to create and manage Provisioning Profiles.


  • grunt : Grunt plugin for the Titanium CLI.
  • ti.babel : Use ES6 inside titanium apps.
  • tiCalabash : Calabash for Android and IOS with i18n support.
  • tich: Switch TiApp.xml configurations via the CLI
  • ti-commonjs-wrap-plugin : Allow to use NodeJS style modules in Alloy.
  • ti-ignore-plugin : Add .tiignore file support to the Titanium CLI build process.




Any deadlink or typo? Feel free to open an issue, or simply fork the repository, fix the error and make a pull request!

It's all the same if you want to add your component or project to the list. Be sure to have a consistent documentation, and press the right button :)