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To develop this application you will need the Android SDK.

Build instructions

First replace ApiUrl in with a valid URL leading to the server-side component. Then run the following command in the project root to build the project:

$ ./gradlew assembleDevelopment

To install the debug build on an emulator run the following command in the project root (version number is determined by versionName in App/build.gradle):

$ adb install -r App/build/outputs/apk/lokki-v[versionName]-debug.apk

To install it on a device, connect a device via USB (make sure USB debugging is enabled on the device) and run the command:

$ adb install -rd App/build/outputs/apk/lokki-v[versionName]-debug.apk

For further information see the Android documentation.

Product flavors

Project has different product flavors, that can be specified by adding either "Development" or "Production" after some of the gradle commands, like this:

$ ./gradlew assembleDevelopment
$ ./gradlew assembleProduction

Currently product flavors differ only by server URL they're using.


To run the tests run the following command in the project root:

$ ./gradlew connectedAndroidTestDevelopment

Make sure an emulator or device is connected, running and the screen is unlocked. If it looks like your tests are failing without a good reason, try to disable animations in your device/emulator you're using.



For general code style guidelines see the Android code style guidelines. Contrary to what the document says, these are not strict rules for the lokki-android project.

For design follow the Material design guidelines. Be sure to make your changes compatible with pre-Lollipop devices with the Android Support Library.

GitHub Issue label explanations

  • bug - the issue concerns a bug somewhere in the project

  • documentation - the issue concerns the documentation of the project/application

  • duplicate - the issue is considered a duplicate of some other issue

  • enhancement - a minor change to an existing feature

  • feature request - a new feature idea requested to be implemented to the app

  • in progress - someone is currently working on this issue

  • invalid - the issue or pull request is invalid for some reason

  • ready - the issue is ready to be started

  • test - the issue concerns the test suite of the project

  • wontfix - the issue wont be fixed or implemented

See the Lokki Wiki for more information on development.


Lokki is available to the open source community under Apache v2 license AS IS.