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Simultation of cells propagation in a 3d universe
Java Shell
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Simultation of cells propagation in a 3d universe. The cells color is related by the number of cells nearby (alive). At each generation the cell satate changes:

  • If a dead cell a 3 nearby cell that are alive she lives
  • If an alive cell doesn't have 2 or 3 nearby cells alive she dies



You can change the setttings of the universe by changing theses variables in the main()

final int n = 70;
final double PROBA = 0.025 ;

Build and launch the app

Build status:

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stugler@912e007-12:~/TP/Algo/IUT_JeuDeLaVie_3D$ ./ 
stugler@912e007-12:~/TP/Algo/IUT_JeuDeLaVie_3D$ ./ 
stugler@912e007-12:~/TP/Algo/IUT_JeuDeLaVie_3D$ ./ 


Jeu de la vie Jeu de la vie

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