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Everyone want's to see how much power you are actually using, This product is a wireless adapter for the french energy meter (Linky). It's based on an esp8266 which convert the raw data coming from the tele-info port on the linky and displays it in a web page. It also exposes an API for easy integration with a smart home dashboard like home-assistant.


  • If you don't wire it up correctly or break anything I'm not responsible for any damage that might occur.
  • Moreover, you will need a separate power source, unfortunately the alimentation loop isn't powerful enough

The product

See the datasheet for the installation manual

Why did I make it?

I'm a student in computer sciences so I was interested to see how I could decode it and make it more understandable for less technical people and at the same time improve my electrical engineering skill.

What makes it special?

It's small and wireless, not everyone wants a big cable running from their meter to their home automation server. It has a beautiful interface: Phone interface Tablet interface

It's very easy to set up, just connect it to the linky, power it up, connect to its wifi enter the connection detail to your wifi and voila. But most importantly it's realtime no waiting for the values to change and you don't have to send all your information to enedis/edf

What's included

Depending on the options you will get the board and a case and ~30cm of cable to connect it to the linky


If you need support (eg. firmware update/error) just send me an email at

  • Hardware License: CERN v 1.2
  • Software License: GPL v3
  • Documentation License: CC BY