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TSG-Default-Enhanced Theme for VikEvents

So, What Is It?

The TSG-Default-Enhanced theme for VikEvents by E4J is a re-designed drop-in alternative theme for the VikEvents default theme

What's It All About?

Based on the original default theme, this responsive theme is compatible with Bootstrap2, Bootstrap3 and UIKit frameworks (possibly others) and includes a whole host of add-on features and visual styling for the Events List & Timeline views

Event List And Timeline View Features

Feature Description Options
Event Layout Design Chage the basic layout style of each event entry row Square / Radius / Rounded
Corner Status Ribbons Display a corner ribbon for the following status; Sold Out & Stop Reservation (OnHold), Days To Go Before Event, Free Event, Number Of Available Tickets Enable / Disable (on a per ribbon basis)
Custom Status Colours Choose from seven status ribbon colours Green, Navy, Blue, Red, Gold, Orange, Silver
Event Sold Out Filter Mute text and filter event image if an event is Sold Out None, Greyscale, Blurred, Reduce Opacity, Sepia
Link To A Sold Out Event Link an events entry to the main event page if Sold Out Enable / Disable
Display Module Between Events Display a Joomla! module between events (Event List Only). Normally the banners or similar module. Enable / Disable (every 'x' rows)

**Custom Styling & Language** The tsg-default-enhanced theme includes it's own custom language file(s) and cascading style sheets allowing you to completely customise your visitors TSG theme experience
--- ### What Do I Do With It Now? _Download, install and give it a try of course...!_ Please read the complete theme installation information and feature setup [documentation in the wiki]( **before** proceeding

Use of this theme is at your own risk and discretion, we strongly advise installing within a test environment prior to use on any production website. Before installing on any production website, ensure you have a valid, restoable backup of your current production site

IMPORTANT NOTE: This theme is not produced, supported or endorsed by E4J, the developers of the VikEvents Joomla! extension


The Who's And What Fors...

TheStyleGuyz ( is a division of hotmango, web and print ( specialising in custom Joomla! extension templating, themeing and styling

VikEvents is a Joomla! Event Management and Ticketing extension made by E4J (extensionsforjoomla,