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Koala l Version: 1.0.0

Want Source Code For Koala's Website?

Discord Bots Bots For Discord

Koala was made by Tea Cup & SxR#3550 And Koala's website Here was made by Sup3rFir3r#1633. Our hope in Koala is to have an customiziable bot that is cool & fun at the same time! I started Koala in June as an secrete project but then i need some friends to join so i invited the 2 to help out:) SxR's Bot - Here Sup3rFi3r's Bot - Here

The source code is PRIVATE, this repository is meant for documentation, issue tracking (Issue Tracker), and suggestions.

Support me on

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Version 1.0.1

-Added Modlog cmd -Added New Welcome Picture -Added MORE! Moderation cmds!

Version 1.0.0

  • Added Moderation


  • Added Canvas commands like rip,wanted ,ect


  • Add customizible channel for member-log


  • Fixed Member-Logging
  • Added addmod command
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