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@TheTechnobear TheTechnobear released this Dec 1, 2016 · 16 commits to 2.1 since this release

Please read included release notes for important information and installation notes.
note: the attached releasenotes.pdf may contain additional information as I will update it, if I find ommisions etc

if you download, I would be grateful if you could pop in and say Hi, on either the Eigenlabs forum thread, or on the Google+ thread here.
Its useful for me to know, how many players are using, and on what platform they are using it e.g. windows/mac/linux/pi)


  • updated to latest Juce framework (4.3.0)
  • improved 64 bit support macOS
  • fix macOS 32 bit to python from /usr/local/pi
  • improved linux build
  • fix eigenD hanging on exit
  • workbench: select agent menu, pressing letter selects first agent
  • updated release notes and introduce install notes into doc.

change : 8 Dec 2016 : updated Windows 32 EigenD release


releasenotes.pdf - release and installation notes
(included in release, however this version may contain additional notes)

EigenD-gpl-2.1.7-community-i386.pkg - macOS 32 bit. (recommended)
EigenD-gpl-2.1.7-community-x86_64.pkg - macOS 64 bit.
EigenD-Runtime-1.0.1.pkg - macOS runtime package (required)

EigenD-gpl-2.1.7-community-win32 - Windows 32 bit (updated 8/12/2016)

EigenD-gpl-2.1.7-community-arm.deb - Linux debian package for ARM 7 (e.g. PI)
EigenD-gpl-2.1.7-community-x86_64.deb - Linux debian package 64 bit. - start script for linux, rename to


resources are not included, download from Eigenlabs website
for macOS you will need to disable SIP to install (google it ;))

  • disable SIP
    -install resources...
    if you didnt do (a) this step will fail, so if it works things are good :)
  • launch finder window, menu -> go -> go to folder, enter /usr/pi
  • launch another finder window, menu -> go -> go to folder, enter /usr/local/pi
  • now have two finder windows, so drag whats in /usr/pi to /user/local/pi ... you will be asked for your admin password, since these directories are 'protected'
    as far as I remember, there shouldn't be any clashes in files...
  • launch EigenD with factory setup, and the piano sound should now work, as resources contain the sample
  • re-enable SIP
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Sep 29, 2016
allow different arch for pico_decoder

@TheTechnobear TheTechnobear released this Oct 25, 2015 · 58 commits to 2.1 since this release

newer version of Juce, updated for el-captain (mac os 10.11)/ sierra (10.12)

for mac OS X only, you will need to install the new runtime (1.0.1) this is not required for any other platform.
(this is due to changes in Mac OS X 10.11+)

known issues:

  • limited testing has been done on this release, its main goal is for testing mac OS X 10.11+
  • EigenBrowser/Command have refresh UI issues on Mac OS X (true of official releases as well)
  • Windows depends on runtime-1.0.1, which doesnt exist yet, copy 1.0.0

This release depends on a new version (1.0.1) of the runtime package (aka EigenD support package) which has not been released for windows yet. For the time being, download the runtime-1.0.0 from the Eigenlabs website, install it and then rename it to runtime-1.0.1 (its found in Program Files (x86)\Eigenlabs)

El Capitan (10.11) / Sierra (10.12)

  • has various graphical issues with VSTs, try both VSTs and AU.
  • Resources may need to be moved manually... (to /usr/local/pi)
  • when you upgrade to El Capitan/Sierra your existing /usr/pi install will have been moved to :
  • you must quit EigenD before unplugging your Eigenharp, if you don't Mac OS may crash!

this thread covers the issues we know about El Capitan:

Linux: should be run with sudo
sudo ./

root permissions are needed for many linux OS for real time threads, and also usb access (the later can be removed with using usb rules... in a later release I will remove this requirement

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@TheTechnobear TheTechnobear released this Jun 6, 2015 · 86 commits to 2.1 since this release

first community release

  • based off Eigenlabs 2.1 experimental with updates,bug fixes etc.

it will install alongside existing Eigenlabs releases

support via:
NOTE: this is release is NOT supported by Eigenlabs, and you use at your own risk.

changes include

  • release of linux x86_32 bit binary (based on Debian 7.8) with Eigenharp support (experimental)
  • release of linux x86_64 bit binary (built on Ubuntu 14.04) with Eigenharp support (experimental)
  • release of experimental raspberry pi2 build (based on Linaro)
  • support for MPE ( Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression)
  • includes all my (technobear) agents with bug fixes/extensions
  • new midi program chooser agent
  • updated linux build
  • various EigenD bug fixes

8 Jun 21:40 CET, updated linux builds (excluding PI2) to include VST support (experimental)

known issues:

  • installation/running of linux/Pi2 builds requires linux knowledge, hopefully we can document this, and make it as easy as others installs in a future release.
  • scanning VSTs appears to hang on Linux, need to kill process manually
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