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Orac virtual modular by TheTechnobear

Orac is a virtual modular based on Pure Data , utilising externals (KontrolRack/KontrolModule) from my MEC projects.

Its is designed to be easy to use on lightweight computing platforms, and provides features such as Presets and Midi Learn.

As well as being flexible for users, its designed to be easy for 'Module Patchers' to create new modules, and thus extend the ecosystem.


A couple of views have been made, which help show Orac , and how to use it.


The code is cross-platform, and I run it on the Organelle, Raspeberry PI and Bela. (also for development purposes I run it on macOS)


This projects contains the Pure Data aspects of Orac, as mentioned above it utilises MEC MEC can be found/built here : MI externals (used in some modules) can be found here:

for each platform there is a 'create' package script, in scripts so to create for Organelle, you would youse ./scripts/ this will create a 'package' in ./pkg, e.g. ./pkg/organelle depending on platform the result of this will vary e.g. might be a zop, a debian package ,or pacman note: I only support building on the target platform


I release 'builds' of Orac on


This is an open source project, and Im happy if others would like to collaborate/extend etc. Generally Id recommend contacting me first, so we can co-ordinate efforts, but Im also willing to review Pull Requests.


I'd like to extend thank all open source developers who make these kinds of projects possible.

and a special thank you to:

  • Critter and Guitari for open sourcing their wonderful patches which I have 'modularised',
  • Mutable Instruments who's code I have used to create some of PD externals for use in Modules in Orac.
  • Ben Norland for contributing artwork for logos, splash screens.

thank you also to all Orac users who have provide valuable feedback and suggestions, which has helped me push Orac forward.

Project Structure

Core - files which do not differ from platform to platform Organelle - Organelle specific files, including build libs/externals Bela - Bela specific files, including build libs/externals PI - PI specific files, including build libs/externals Nebulae Salt patchbox OscClients - various clients for use with MEC oscdisplay

scripts/create_* - script which creates a package in the pkg directory, from combining above folders

Happy Patching

Mark Harris aka TheTechnobear