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The Things Stack is composed of a number of components. The core components Network Server, Application Server and Join Server follow the LoRaWAN Network Reference Model. The Things Stack also contains an Identity Server, Gateway Server, Console and Command-line Interface.

{{< figure src="components.png" alt="The Things Stack components" width="80%" height="80%" >}}
{{< figure src="components.png" alt="The Things Stack components" >}}
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The Console provides a web interface for managing the other components.
The Console is the official management application of The Things Stack for LoRaWAN. It is a web application which can be used to register applications, end devices or gateways, monitor network traffic, or configure network related options, among other things. The console uses an OAuth access token to communicate with The Things Stack.


{{< figure src="console_overview.png" alt="The Things Stack for LoRaWAN Console" >}}

See the [Console Getting Started page]({{< ref "/guides/getting-started/console" >}}), for detailed instructions regarding the Console.
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