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A Docker image for Fitzroy
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A Docker image for Fitzroy. Get your AFL stats in a container.

Current image using v0.1.5 of Fitzroy.


Once you have the images, (e.g. docker pull thetinytechco/fitzroy:rstudio)

  • docker run -it thetinytechco/fitzroy:rstudio R to start with an R terminal prompt.
  • docker run -d -p 8787:8787 --name fitzroy thetinytechco/fitzroy:rstudio and open http://localhost:8787 for RStudio with Fitzroy ready to use. Username: rstudio, Password: rstudio

Building the image

From the root of the repo...

  • Build the image
    • docker build -t thetinytechco/fitzroy:rstudio -f rstudio/Dockerfile .