This is an archive of official Tor images, videos, and related files.
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Onion Icon
Tor Browser
Tor Logo
Slides.odp Added Slide Template Mar 17, 2017
Tor Style Guide v1.3.pdf


This is an archive of all Tor images, videos, and related files.

"Tor" and the "Onion Logo" are registered trademarks of The Tor Project, Inc. Content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License, unless otherwise noted.

We're currently working on developing a repo of media.

What we need in flat, .svg formats:

  • Tor logo
  • Tor onion
  • Onion favicon
  • Tor browser logo
  • Med-priority images
  • Tor metrics logo
  • Download now button
  • Donate to Tor button
  • ppt presentation templates
  • "I support Tor" banner to put on websites and blogs
  • "Uses Tor inside" banner for associated projects


  • we'll use the onion as the tor browser logo instead of the weird globe icon; it's confusing to have different icons for Tor applications.
  • we want to make the orfox icon and the tor onion icon be the same icon at one point, for brand unity.