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SMZ3 Cas’ Randomizer

“This is the cas'est version of the rando you’ll ever see.”
— Diabetus, 2021

The SMZ3 Cas’ Randomizer is a fork of the original Super Metroid & A Link to the Past Crossover Randomizer. It’s aimed at making it a more approachable and casual experience by removing some decidedly uncas’ elements such as IBJ (Infinite Bomb Jump).

A Windows installer for latest version of the SMZ3 Cas’ Randomizer can be found on the GitHub releases page. You can also find information about limited cross-platform version that supports Linux here.


In addition to making IBJ completely optional, there is also:

  • Integrated voice-enabled/automated item & location tracker;
  • Built-in MSU-1 support for custom music packs;
  • More logic customization options;
  • Various accessibility patches;
  • Customizable ship sprites;
  • Patches for modern Super Metroid controls;
  • In game hint tiles and voice-enabled hints via tracker;
  • Sprites made by members of Diabetus’ community and others;


  • Below you can find a list of all of the sprites included and their creators
  • Various Super Metroid patches were pulled from the VARIA Randomizer by theonlydude
  • Diabetus and PinkKittyRose and the members of their communities have helped test and stream with this fork

The original repository can be found at

Hosting a SMZ3 Cas' Multiplayer Server

Interested in hosting your own server for multiplayer games? Take a look at the Server Setup Documentation.