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How do I launch TheTransitClock?

Please see this page for instructions. Alternatively, you can compile the transitclockQuickStart Java app using Maven, although it's limited to only one agency.

Where did the name come from?

The name was inspired by this story

Bulletin Board

Will add info here in relation to what is currently being worked on.

First post is at Implementation-of-Real-Time-Dispatching-Method.

Further trial of dispatch method is underway on VIA Route 100 in San Antonio. VIA trial.

Trials of holding method have been completed and paper is to be submitted to TRB with results.

Now going to look at testing Kalman implementation for scheduled based services with a view to adapting for frequency based services.

First post is at Prediction-Kalman-testing

Started implementing web ui tests.

Started collecting test results of merges. First merge is Egan109/master with scrudden/VIA. Intend merging camsys WMATA branch onto this. Prediction Accuracy tests

Added a ToDos page so I can capture stuff that needs to be done. Initial focus is on test tools to ensure merges are not breaking things.

Have created a branch to integrate the map matching system barefoot into transiTime. As part of the integration of barefoot a new OneBusAway module has been created. It takes a GTFS file and produces a barefoot map file from it. It does this by creating barefoot roads for each of the shapes in shapes.txt.

Rebranding to the TheTransitClock is ongoing. A merge of all major forks has been done and is now on the develop branch. I am checking the quality of this merge. Once this is done it is intended to change the transitime package name in the source, and the module name itself.

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