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Prairie Live

Chrome Webstore link

Sync Prairielearn code boxes to the cloud, live!

If working on a Prarielearn group assignment, this extension will allow all group members to edit the text in realtime.

If working alone, this will sync your code so it isn't accidentally lost.

Note: This extension has only been tested on Google Chrome but seems to work perfectly fine in Firefox too.

Note: Live syncing will only occur between users of this extension.

Link to Chrome Webstore Download:


Live Syncing Text

Live Syncing Text

Live Syncing Selections

Live Syncing Text

Presence Detection

Presence Detection


Chrome Webstore

Go to


  1. Download this repo by either:

    a. cloning: git clone

    b. downloaing as zip and extracting

  2. Navigate to chrome://extensions in Google Chrome

  3. Enable Developer Mode (top right corner of the page)

  4. Click Load unpacked (top left corner of the page)

  5. [Navigate to / Select] this repo