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Work in progress toward a simple, flexible, and easy to use static news app template for The Tyee & Tyee Solutions Society projects.

Install requirements

This is still a work in progress, but currently I'm trying to keep it pretty simple:

  • Jekyll 2.0.3 (and dependencies)

Jekyll plugins

There's extra stuff in here for local development with Grunt, which can be ignored for now (the same functionality is included in Jekyll for the most part)


  1. Get the source / sub-modules

git clone

Enter the project directory that was just created and then run:

git submodule init && git submodule update

  1. Install the JavaScript dependencies

bower install

  1. Install the Ruby dependencies

If you don't have a global install of Bundler, you'll want to install that first:

gem update && gem install bundler

Then install the project requirements in local directory so that you know you're using the right ones:

bundle install --path _vendor

Bundler, Jekyll & development modes

If you run Jekyll though Bundler the project can the gems installed in the _vendor directory:

bundle exec jekyll serve -w --config _config.yml

That helps to ensure the project is using the right version of each gem, and that it's easily deployed. If you need to add more Ruby dependencies, add them to the gemfile and then run bundle install --path _vendor.

Configuration files can be added to switch modes:

bundle exec jekyll serve -w --config _config.yml,_config.development.yml

bundle exec jekyll serve -w --config _config.yml,_config.development_w_grunt.yml

The Jekyll Assets Pipeline automatically compiles Less to CSS and concatentates JavaScript files. This is pretty much all that is required for development and it's fairly fast. The asset pipeline also handles minification, compression, and cache-busting on CSS, JS, and images on deployment.

Development with Jekyll & Grunt

It's also possible to run the development set-up through Grunt. The Gruntfile.js has sensible defaults for developing that auto-compiles, lints, and beautifies JavaScript and Less, as well as BrowserSync for multi-screen testing, and Live Reload for template changes.

It works nicely, but it's not fast.

General concepts

To come.


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