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_This was inspired by MMM-Trakt, i just upgraded for my personal use, all credits to him






  • Pictures for the shows
  • More configuration options

Creating a API application

To get your API keys you need to first create an Application. Give it a name, and enter http://localhost/ in the Redirect uri: field and and Javascript (cors) origins: (it's a required field but not used for our purpose).


Clone the repository into your MagicMirror's modules folder, and install dependencies:

  cd ~/MagicMirror/modules
  git clone
  cd MMM-MyTraktSeries
  npm install

Using the Module

To run the module, you need to add the following data to your ~/MagicMirror/config/config.js file:

    module: "MMM-MyTraktSeries", 
    position: "top_left",           // Configurable
    header: "Trakt - Series",       // Configurable
        config: {
            client_id: "private_id",
            client_secret: "secret_id",
            username: 'username',
            id_lista: "idlist",     // Example: "1234567"
            type: "shows" 


Option Description
id_lista To get the id_list you need to go to This Link, using the username in the URI Parameters and client_id in the Headers, and in the Response, search for the List "ids" and then "trakt" value.
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