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Force Leader Board Widget

How to add?
Copy and paste this code in your website.

<div id="trailblazerWidget" trailblazerid="YOUR_TRAILBLAZER_ID">
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

Where to get Trailblazer ID:
1. Go to Force Leader Board
2. Click on Join Board. Do Sign in/Sign up.
3. After Sign in/Sign up, You will see your Trailblazer ID here.

Customize Your Widget
You can customize your trailhead widget. You need to clone this repo and do changes in Js and CSS file according to your wish. Upload your repo to your GitHub and link your JS file in Code.
<div id="trailblazerWidget" trailblazerid="YOUR_TRAILBLAZER_ID">
<script src="YOUR_GITHUB_JS_FILE_LINK" type="text/javascript"></script>