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(Create Your Personal Leader Board in 10 Minutes) ForceLeaderBoard - Track Trailhead Badges and Certifications

Click on this Magic button to Get Your Own LeaderBoard Deploy to Salesforce

Steps to follow after Deploying project in salesforce org:

  1. Add these 2 Remote Site Settings:
    a. https://trailhead.salesforce.com
    b. http://certification.salesforce.com

  2. Give permission Object and Fields for these 2 custom objects:
    a. Certification__c
    b. User__c

  3. Run the scheduler to refresh data from trailhead and certification:
    Go to Developer Console --> Open Execute Anonymous Window
    Here run this code:
    //Where 10 is interval of schedule execution in minutes. You can modify it.

  4. Create a Site: Now create a public site and give permission to all pages and classes.

Ask your friends and colleague to Join the your personal leaderboard.

Live Working ForceLeaderBoard: https://forceleaderboard-developer-edition.na50.force.com/

If you create it then don't forget to share with me :)

Note: You may need to change some of links in this project for your customization.