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Jun 5, 2019
Use lmdb as index storage

@TheWaWaR TheWaWaR released this May 23, 2019 · 72 commits to master since this release

Compatible with ckb rc/v0.12.2

rpc: Invoke RPC call to node

get_tip_header            Get tip header
get_block                 Get block content by hash
get_block_hash            Get block hash by block number
get_block_by_number       Get block content by block number
get_transaction           Get transaction content by transaction hash
get_cells_by_lock_hash    Get cells by lock script hash
get_live_cell             Get live cell (live means unspent)
get_current_epoch         Get current epoch information
get_epoch_by_number       Get epoch information by epoch number
local_node_info           Get local node information
tx_pool_info              Get transaction pool information
get_peers                 Get connected peers

wallet: tranfer / query balance(with local index) / key utils

transfer        Transfer capacity to a address (can have data)
get-capacity    Get capacity by lock script hash
get-balance     Get balance by address (balance is capacity)
top             Show top n capacity owned by lock script hash
generate-key    Generate a random secp256k1 privkey and save to file (print block_assembler config)
key-info        Show public information of a secp256k1 private key (file)
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