Themeable on screen displays for X.
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Themeable On Screen Displays for X.

When running a minimal desktop environment with openbox and the likes on a notebook, one might miss those fancy popups that appear when you change brightnes and volume levels, eject a disk, etc... NotificaThor allows you to do this.

NotificaThor comes as a simple user daemon, that can be put into .xinitrc or whatever startup method you prefer. You can then send commands to it with a simple commandline client.

NotificaThor aims to be a more flexible and aesthetic alternative to the trusty old XOSD.


  • GNU C Compiler
  • GNU Make
  • librt
  • libpthread
  • libxcb
  • libxcb-shape
  • libfreetype2
  • libfontconfig
  • libmath
  • libcairo >= 1.12 with support for fontconfig, freetype, png-functions, image-surfaces and xcb-surfaces.


Simply running

make install

as root will install the binaries to /usr/bin, configuration to /etc/NotificaThor and MAN-pages to /usr/share/man/. If you want to install to a fake root directory (e.g. for package creation) use the prefix-variable.

make install prefix=/fake/root

The subdirectories usr/bin, usr/share/man and etc must exist.

The daemon will create the directory $XDG_CACHE_HOME/NotificaThor with the file image_cache in it.


make debug

Compiles source files without optimizations and with debugging informations (-O0 -g).

make testing

Compiles source files with the TESTING-flag defined. NotificaThor will then only read config files from ./etc/NotificaThor/.

make verbose

Compiles source files with the VERBOSE-flag defined. This activates some more debugging messages when the -v option is used.

The commands can be combined:

make debug testing verbose


After installing run

$ notificathor

then for producing an OSD run

$ thor-cli -b2/3 --no-image

This will produce a plain popup with a bar filled to 2/3 (note the astounding resemblance) and no image. To add an image run

$ thor-cli -b2/3 -i"/path/to/an/image-file"

You can also show a text message:

$ thor-cli --no-image --no-bar -m'Hello World!'