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We are Zoho Developers and Consultants that love taking on new challenges. Check out our repositories to assist in projects or give you ideas for the future.

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  1. Zoho-CRM-Widgets Zoho-CRM-Widgets Public

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  2. Zoho-CRM-Trigger-Workflow-Assignment-Rule-Deluge Zoho-CRM-Trigger-Workflow-Assignment-Rule-Deluge Public

    How to trigger workflow rules when Zoho CRM records are created or edit via Deluge.

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  3. ZohoCreator-Pull-and-Push-with-Subforms ZohoCreator-Pull-and-Push-with-Subforms Public

    A Deluge script that pulls records from CRM/ other database into a Creator Form as Subform Rows, and then push any changes to each individual record (or perform other actions like creating records)…

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  4. Download-Attachments-on-Zoho-Creator-Form-Submission Download-Attachments-on-Zoho-Creator-Form-Submission Public

    A Deluge script that lets you download any attachments on submission of a Zoho Creator form.


  5. Zoho-CRM-Serverless-Functions Zoho-CRM-Serverless-Functions Public

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  6. Automated-Invoice-Creation Automated-Invoice-Creation Public

    This Deluge code enables the automatic creation of Invoices, whether or not there is already a customer record in Zoho Books.

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