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This repository is intended to show some of the code I have created in the past 3 years.

It is not provided in a state where it will run, as most of it is pulled from larger projects, however it should demonstrate some of my ability and what I have learned.

Code is divided by language and then project.

2D Custom Engine

IGArt, a custom 2D Engine, is the best and most extensive show of my skill. Built over a period of 3-4 months by 9 programmers, the engine runs on PC and PSVita. Code from IGArt uses Doxygen comment style.

My contribution to this included:

Other Projects

State Machine - A generic state machine for many situations.

Arena Brawler - The camera code currently in use for Muscle Magic

Pathfinding - A*, Flow Fields, Dijkstra, Breadth-First Search, and Depth-First Search implementations.

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