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@Thealexbarney Thealexbarney released this Feb 17, 2019 · 34 commits to master since this release


  • Add a RomFS builder
  • Add a delta fragment reader
  • Fix signature checks not working on Mono


  • Introduce an IFileSystem interface that all filesystem-like objects implement instead of them each being their own thing
    • Examples:
    • RomFsFileSystem, PartitionFileSystem and SaveDataFileSystem for accessing their respective file types
    • ConcatenationFileSystem reads and writes the system of split files the Switch uses.
    • AesXtsFileSystem reads and writes a filesystem of NAX0 files used for the external SD card
    • LocalFileSystem presents a local directory as an IFileSystem
    • LayeredFileSystem Layers multiple filesystems so their combined contents are treated as a single filesystem
  • Add extensions for performing common queries or tasks on an IFileSystem
  • Add support for applying delta fragment patches
  • Add a class for reading and writing the dictionary data structure used in RomFS files
  • Greatly improve RomFS open and access time by using RomFS' internal dictionary
  • Add a RomFS builder.
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