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@Thealexbarney Thealexbarney released this Aug 11, 2019 · 1 commit to master since this release


  • Only sign save files if needed
  • Don't add unnecessary ".cnmt" to NCA filenames when exporting via switchfs


  • Add a .NET Standard 2.0 target
  • Make HierarchicalRomFileTable generic
  • Derive keys used for "custom storage" and savedata signing on the SD card
  • Fix the EnsureDirectoryExists functions
  • Use the reference assemblies hosted on NuGet when building for .NET Framework


Most users should download hactoolnet.exe

hactoolnet.exe: hactoolnet and libraries merged into a single file. Most users should download this file. hactoolnet for .NET Core. Runs on Windows, Linux and macOS. hactoolnet and libraries as separate files.
hactoolnet_native.exe: A self-contained hactoolnet natively built for Windows. Has faster startup time.
LibHac.0.5.1.nupkg: The LibHac library for inclusion in other projects. The same version that's on NuGet.

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