LogSumExp Optimisation #1563

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It could be nice to have a numerically more stable LogSumExp built-in.
Instead of doing T.log(T.sum(T.exp(x))) we could use something like LogSumExp(x).

def LogSumExp(x):
    x_max = T.max(x)
    T.log(T.sum(T.exp(x - x_max))) + x_max 

Or even better with axis support.

def LogSumExp(x, axis=None):
    x_max = T.max(x, axis=axis, keepdims=True)
    return T.log(T.sum(T.exp(x - x_max), axis=axis, keepdims=True)) + x_max
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This implementation is already in Pylearn:


There is a PR that add test for it: lisa-lab/pylearn2#1390

Maybe we can just port it to Theano.

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Yes, we want an optimization for that in theano. This is the point of ticket #2082.

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"an optimization for that in theano"

Is there an example I could look at to learn how it should be implemented ?


+1 This would be very useful.

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