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Another list of sparse software

Name Format* Platform Code/URL
deepnet csr or csc, not sure. GPU SparseDot dot(sparse, dense(fortran))->dense(fortran)
CUSPARSE coo, csr, csc, ell/hyb and blocked csr GPU Doc
CUSP coo, csr, dia, ell, hyb GPU Doc
Theano csr, csc CPU (GPU in development) Doc
PyCUDA ? GPU sparse matrix-vector multiplication(spmv) and linear system solving code
SciPy csr, csc, bsr, coo, dia, dok, lil CPU Doc
MKL sparse csr, csc, coo, dia, sky, bsr CPU Overview
Julia csc CPU Doc
Boost sparse ? CPU Doc


  • bsr: Block Sparse Row matrix. This format is similar to the CSR format. Nonzero entries in the BSR are square dense blocks.
  • coo: A sparse matrix in COOrdinate format.
  • csc: Compressed Sparse Column matrix
  • csr: Compressed Sparse Row matrix
  • dia: Sparse matrix with DIAgonal storage
  • dok: Dictionary Of Keys based sparse matrix.
  • lil: Row-based linked list sparse matrix
  • sky: Skyline format. Used for storing triangular factors in various LU decompositions.
  • ell: ?
  • hyb: ?
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