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This package provides two programs.
rsd - The server which PCM data is streamed to over TCP/IP or Unix domain sockets,
sound is played back with a low latency depending on what backend is used.
It supports several connections to be played back at the same time.
rsdplay - The client which streams PCM data recieved from stdin to a rsoundserv.
The code in rsdplay is mostly for reference.
For integration with applications, librsound can be used.
The package compiles and runs on the following platforms:
Unix-like - ALSA (Linux), OSS, libao, PortAudio, PulseAudio,
µRoar, OpenAL, RoarAudio VS, Jack
Microsoft Windows (Cygwin) - PortAudio, (OSS), libao, OpenAL
(Win32) - DirectSound, µRoar
Mac OSX - libao (possibly more)
On how to use these programs, refer to the --help in the respective programs, or the man-pages.
For install instructions, see INSTALL
For documentation of RSound protocol and API, see DOCUMENTATION.
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