Cg shaders

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Cg shaders is a spec from nVidia. It has the great advantage that shaders written in Cg are compatible with both OpenGL and Direct3D. It is also compatible with PlayStation 3 as well. They are also compatible with basic HLSL if some considerations are taken into account. They can even be automatically compiled into GLSL shaders, which makes Cg shaders a true "write once, run everywhere" shader format. We encourage new shaders targeting RetroArch to be written in this format.

Example Cg shader

void main_vertex
   float4 position : POSITION,
   out float4 oPosition : POSITION,
   uniform float4x4 modelViewProj,
   float2 tex : TEXCOORD,
   out float2 oTex : TEXCOORD
   oPosition = mul(modelViewProj, position);
   oTex = tex;

float4 main_fragment (float2 tex : TEXCOORD, uniform sampler2D s0 : TEXUNIT0) : COLOR
   return tex2D(s0, tex);


The Cg shader spec used in RetroArch is documented here. It defines single-pass Cg shaders as well as multi-pass shaders using a custom Cg preset format (.cgp).

Example Cg preset

shaders = 2
shader0 =
scale_type0 = source
scale0 = 4.0
filter_linear0 = false
shader1 =
filter_linear1 = true
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