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1.0.29 - 2018-08-23

  • Fixed an issue with the translation markup. There were a few esc_attr_e that were not needed and were throwing errors. This caused version 1.0.28 not to be accepted. Plus I should have tested the theme againt the Theme Check Plugin, which I normally do but didn't do it this time.
  • Redid the .po file to make the translation strings were correct.
1.0.28 - 2018-08-23
  • An issue where the theme support for Gutenberg had changed. If you used the Gutenberg plugin a bunch of errors would be displayed.
  • An issue with the site-branding portion of the header. If no site title was used or if no site-description was used and the header-sidebar was active, then the header-sidebar would reposition under the site-branding div.
  • Issue with the z-index of a few elements related to WooCommerce. The Sale banner as well as the serch icon related to products had a very high z-index. This caused them to be above the menu when it was set to Sticky, Scroll Hide or Sticky Shrink.
  • Fixed issue where the wrong translation strings were added. I had esc_attr_() when in reality I should have had __().
  • Created a .po file and added a language file to make the theme truly translatable.
  • Wrapped the content containers in section specific classes. If you are viewing the blog section or a post the classes that wrap them are now post-container and when viewing a page it is page-container. This was done to allow the user to target specific classes for each type instead of just one.
  • Changed all esc_attr_() to __()
  • Changed the bottom positioning of the Back to Top from 25px to 15px. Also changed the right positioning from 30px to 33px. This gives the Back to Top button a better visual appearance.
  • Renamed Content Layout under Content > Posts to Post Layout. This was done to better identify and define this area.
  • Changed some of the styles related to the Page Builder metabox options to acount for the new post page/page content settings.
  • Changed the screenshot of TotalPress. This was done because the Theme Review team changed the rule regarding words that can be used in the screenshot of a theme. In other words they do not want the screenshot to look like an ad. To be safe I just made a new screenshot.
1.0.27 - 2018-07-03
  • Error on line 150 of styles.css. There was an extra comma and period on this line.
  • Added new Notification which links to About TotalPress.
  • Added About TotalPress page under Appearance.
  • Added a TotalPress Documentation section in the customizer.
  • The text decoration for entry-meta links. These links display under post titles.
  • Versioning comments from some of the files. These are no longer needed.
  • Changed the Extend TotalPress section in the customizer.
1.0.26 2018-06-25
  • CSS for Motion UI 2.0 which was released on June 7,2018.
  • CSS for the Akismet Privavcy Notice.
  • Added is_plugin_active function to totalpres-customizer.php. This will load new panels if/when the TP Primo plugin is activated. This was added because once the user switched themes and went into the new theme's customizer, a Fatal error: would be generated. To remove the error the user would have to navigate to the Plugins page and deactivate TP Primo. This corrects that issue.
  • Modified code for the metaboxes. The metaboxes will show for any custom post type. Thanks @wordpressguy.
  • Modified the css that handles the color of links in the footer, specifically .site-info a.
  • CSS for lists in mobile. For some reason I added some css to remove the way lists looked on mobile. All list types will now look the way they are supposed to on mobile devices.
1.0.25 2018-05-27
  • Theme support for the Header Footer Elementor plugin.
  • Added position and z-index to the top-bar for small only media queries.
  • Support for Gutenberg wide/fullimages in functions.php.
  • Primary colors for theme to Gutenberg color block.
  • CSS for Gutenberg wide/fullimages in style.css.
  • Added padding to the .inside-top-sidebar.cell element, for some reason this was missing.
  • Added z-index:1 to .main-navigation.grid-container.
  • Added border and padding to img[class*="align"],img[class*="wp-image-"],img[class*="attachment-"].
  • Added GDPR compliance to the comment form.
  • Added styles for p.comment-form-cookies-consent.
  • Added $consent parameter to comments.php - this is to avoid a php Notice that would appear when WP_DEBUG in wp-config.php was set to true.
  • Background color of switch controls to match the default customizer colors.
  • background color of tooltips to match the default customizer colors.
  • grid-x grid-padding-x from the top-bar.
  • Removed commented versioning from all files. It looked like this /* @version 1.0.24 */I would change this commented versioning everytime time to match the latest version being released. This made it look like all files had been changed. This was keeping anyone from seeing just the latest changes on GitHub or in the repo.
1.0.24 2018-05-12
  • Padding options to Navigation > Layout. Now users can adjust the padding of top level links as well as sub links.
  • Top-Bar Colors the Navigation panel. This will allow the user to change all of the colors associated with the Top-Bar navigation menu.
  • Typography options to the Navigation panel. Allows the user to change the font family for links in the main menu.
  • Function to totalpress-app.js to remove empty p and br tags from Accordion and Orbit that are added automatically by the post/page editor.
  • Equalizer to the Footer Widgets area. Equalizer gives multiple items equal height. You can read more about it over at Foundation for Sites: Equalizer.
  • Content Layout section to the Content panel of TotalPress Options.
  • .site-content-full body class. This is for when the end user selects Full Width in the new Content Layout section that was added to the Content section.
  • Styles for the new body class elements .inside-content,.site-content-full .site-content.grid-container and .site-content-inner-full .inside-content.
  • Padding and Margin control for the new .inside-content container.
  • Some styles related to the navigation area. These changes correspond to the addition of navigation color options in TP Primo.
  • The priority of the Layout section of the Navigation panel to 1, making it the first section in that panel.
  • The name of the Layout section under Content > Posts to Blog Posts. This was done to better differentiate between posts on the blog page or single view posts.
  • Some of the styles pertaining to the Top Sidebar. The padding was removed from the main container that holds the Top Sidebar and moved to the inner Top Sidebar container.
  • Some of the styles pertaining to the Footer Widgets. The padding was removed from the main container that holds the Footer Widgets and moved to the inner Footer Widget container.
  • Some of the styles pertaining to the Footer. The padding was removed from the main container that holds the Footer and moved to the inner Footer container.
  • Links section from style.css and added all the link styles into their appropriate section. I did this to make it easier to modify each section more easiley.
  • The function from totalpress-app.js that added <span class="screen-reader-text"></span> to .menu-social-container a as the social icons were removed when Font Awesome was removed.
1.0.23 2018-04-29
  • Upsell section to the customizer.
  • Added styles to the customizer css to highlight the upsell section.
  • Back to Top arrow. Uses pure css to create the arrow.
  • FontAwesome from the theme. It was really not needed and did not perform very well. Trying to get the new version to work was a pain and switching back to FA4 would increase the size of the theme. Best just to gid rid of it.
  • Styles associated with FA. This section was called Social Navigation. Also removed the .menu-social-container css.
[1.0.22] 2018-04-15
  • Again, I left a few choice words in the code that should not be there so I removed them. Note to self "Do not do that anymore".
[1.0.21] 2018-04-15
  • A few extra letters that are not so appropriate. I ususally add a saying when I am trying to figure stuff out and usually remove them, however I accidentally left it in this time.
1.0.20 2018-04-15
  • The layout of the code in totalpress-functions.php. This was done to make the flow of the code more logical and easier to understand. The code is supposed to take a top-down approach.
  • name of Footer Widget Layout to Footer Widgets Layout.
  • Moved Theme Layout under General Options to the first position.
  • Default font set to sans-serif.
  • totalpress_posted_on action as well as the totalpress_entry_footer action hook in totalpress-extras.php.
  • Padding styles for the one-container content area of 404 pages.
  • Top and bottom margins for images with a post that are linked. Line 389 of style.css
  • totalpress_single_entry_footer and totalpress_single_posted_on
  • Remeoved h4 from line 296 of style.css. This was done to group all of the css produced by Kirki.
  • $show_edit_top from totalpress-extras.php on line 44, which shows the edit button below the title.
1.0.19 2018-04-03
  • Styling for the content area of 404 pages.
  • large-auto to totalpress_404_start action.
  • Extra space after the , on line 291 of totalpress-extras.php. Adds space in between all of the tags assigned to a post.
  • Default font Source Sans Pro was changed to a default System Font Stack. This was done to make the theme load faster on the user end.
  • Changed get_theme_mod('totalpress_blog_layout') == 'sidebars_left') in totalpres-functions.php on line 180 to get_theme_mod('totalpress_blog_layout') == 'no_sidebars').
  • Link in the footer section of the theme.
  • Extra instance of get_theme_mod('totalpress_blog_layout') == 'sidebars_left in totalpress-functions.php in the totalpress_open_post_container action.
1.0.18 2018-03-23
  • Fixed issue with missing customizer setting Sidebar | Content for the default layout.
  • Updated list of Google Fonts to the TotalPress Options > General > Typography section. Now all 847 fonts are available, along with all the variables.
1.0.17 2018-03-22
  • Corrected an issue where I forgot to add the customizer setting for the default layout. It should be corrected now.
[1.0.16] 2018-03-22
  • Corrected an issue where under TotalPress Options > Navigation Layout, most of the options had Top-Bar in the title. Switched them all to reflect Main Menu.
  • Corrected a link style issue in the Top Sidebar.
  • Added new version of FontAwesome 5.0.6 - Using the svg-with-js and loading the fontawesome-all.min.js.
  • Added defer attributes to fontawesome-all.min.js. I am still trying to correct the issue where any Font-Awesome icons flash on page load.
  • Added some additional styles to the previous post and next post butons in mobile view.
  • Adjusted the styles for code and pre elements.
  • Renamed template-functions.php to totalpress-functions.php.
  • Wrapped the totalpress-copyright flter in a action called totalpress_credits. This was done to add support to change the footer copyright message via the TP-Primo plugin.
  • Added .cell to the stylesheet elements for .header-sidebar. Now all of the css targets .header-sidebar.cell instead of just .header-sidebar.
  • Added support for Gutenberg wide images and color pallet.
  • Adjusted the width of the left and right sidebars. Instead of being set with an actual column size, i.e. large-4, I have set them to large-auto while leaving the content container set to large-8. This will cause the sidebars to auto adjust to fill the necessary space. I have also removed the widths from Body Source Ordering and Template Source Ordering sections of style.css.
  • Renamed the function totalpress_open_post_container to totalpress_build_open_post_container to go along more inline with the action totalpress_open_post_container.
  • Added p.attachment to style.css and the value to text-align:center. Now when viewing an attachment page the image will display centered instead of left aligned.
[1.0.15] 2018-01-30
  • Switched to minmized versions of foundation.js, foundation.css, motionui.css, font-awesome.css.
[1.0.14] 2018-01-25
  • Took out the Kirki_Installer_Section of totalpress-include-kirki.php per the theme review. This creates a a Admin notice that is not dismissable and is also not needed as the theme uses TGM PLugin.
  • Switched esc_attr__ to esc_html__ per theme review.
  • Reworked screenshot.png to reflect how the site will actually look once the theme is activated.
  • Changed app.js to totalpress-app.js per theme review.
  • Added totalpress- prefix to all files that are called with require per theme review.
  • Theme was approved by theme review team.
[1.0.13] 2018-01-24
  • Corrected an issue where <span class="screen-reader-text"> was appearing next to Leave a Comment. I change __( to esc_html( which caused the issue.
  • Added some styles to fix some issues with the padding of the content and right sidebar areas in archive, page-template-default and search pages.
  • Added a few styles to WooCommerce.
[1.0.12] 2018-01-24
  • Prefixed modify_archive_title() in extras.php with totalpress.
  • Prefixed add_image_size() in functions.php with totalpress. Changed it from full-width to totalpress-full-width.
  • Removed search-form from add_theme_support('html5') as I am customizing it myself.
  • Corrected a fatal error that was occurring after the theme was activated and the user went to the customizer. I corrected it by removing the function active_plugins from customizer.php.
  • Removed the Meta Box Tabs plugin. This is a premium plugin and cannot be included in a free plugin or theme according to the Meta Box FAQ. This will be added to TP-Primo.
[1.0.11] 2018-01-20
  • added load_theme_textdomain to make the theme translatable.
  • Switched from using TOTALPRESS_DIR to get_template_directory() in functions.php and customizer.php Removed some of the features from the setup_totalpress function in functions.php - just trying to trim the fat some more.
  • Corrected css issue where social icon links in the left and right sidebar were not using the hover tranisitons set transition: all .2s ease-in!important;
  • Set the requirement for the Kirki and Meta Box plugin to false, meaning they are not required even though they are - per the theme review team.
  • Removed the totalpress_remove_recent_comments_style from functions.php - per theme review team.
  • Removed custom excerpt length - per theme review team. Will make available via TP-Primo.
  • Added ecerpt function from TwentySeventeen per the theme review team. Apprantly the old ecerpt function was affecting the admin side and this is not allowed.
  • Declared my copyright in the readme.txt file - per the theme review team.
  • Changed to the version of the TGM Plugin Activation plugin - per theme review team.
  • Removed totalpress_display_author - this can be done via a plugin or hand coded. Just trimming more.
  • Removed the Featured Image Options from being hidden unless there was an actual featured image attached to the post/page. This will be added back once I get with the dev's over at so the issue can get corrected.
  • Removed the Meta Box Conditionals plugin from the theme. Until the previous issue is corrected it is not needed. Will add it once the previous issue is taken care of.
  • Replaced all instances of _e with esc_html_e.
[1.0.10] 2018-01-18
  • Accidentally added two instances of ../fonts to the font-awesome.css file. This was causing an issue, but now it's corrected.
  • Tidied up Foundation for Sites and MotionUI css in styles.css - Cleaned up a lot of empty space. Didn't make that big of a difference however it did reduce the overall theme size by 2kb!
  • Corrected issue where sub navs were displaying in a menu in the header sidebar. This will be added later in an update.
  • Corrected a padding issue with the left and right sidebar in the sidebar-content-sidebar.php file.
  • Removed totalpress_header_items() function from template-functions.php. Also rewrote totalpress_build_logo() and totalpress_build_site_title() functions and turned them into actions. This was done to make it easier for the end user to set the layout of the logo and site title/description in TP-Primo.
  • Corrected some padding issues with the template pages.
[1.0.9] 2018-01-13
  • Moved Font-Awesome back to 4.7 - there was an issue with the 5.0.4 version. Will add later once it gets worked out. File size of 1.0.9 is bigger now.
  • Added font-awesome.css back into asstes/css folder and added function call to load the font-awesome.css file before the theme file so the icons would be loaded first.
[1.0.8] 2018-01-08
  • Added some styles to style.css to help with landing pages.
  • Changed the name of the main sidebars back to Right Sidebar and Left Sidebar.
  • Removed the language folder as well as load_theme_textdomain('totalpress', get_template_directory() . '/assets/language'); - Do not need to have this in the theme as translations are handled by
  • Added totalpress_remove_hentry_class to remove hentry from the post_class because we are using microdata.
  • Removed the ability to show or hide the Back To Top button. Moved this into the TP-Primo plugin.
  • Renamed blog-section.php to post-section.php.
  • Renamed totalpress_content_section in post-section.php to totalpress_post_section. This was done to better differentiate the post section from the page section in the Content section of TotalPress Options.
  • Renamed style.css in Meta-Box-Conditional-Logic extension to mbcl-style.css - This was done because the theme check plugin was throwing the following recommendation: RECOMMENDED: Tags: is either empty or missing in style.css. According to this thread themes can only have one file called style.css
[1.0.7] 2018-01-01
  • Rewrote the installation instructions above, as well as in the README.txt file
  • Updated Font-Awesome to 5.0.2 - Using fa-brands.js for the social icons.
  • Removed the Font-Awesome css from style.css, also removed all of the Font-Awesome web fonts. Now the only file in the fonts folder is fa-brands.js. This has reduced the size of the theme significantly. 387kb compressesd!
  • Changed the Back To Top arrow from a Font-Awesome directional arrow to a regular up arrow using css.
  • Removed the word Options from the titles of the option panels in the customizer.
  • Removed global $post and $post->ID so I could just use get_the_ID() which is a cleaner way of doing things.
  • Removed an extra occurrence of add_image_size('full-width-thumb', 1200, 9999); from functions.php - I do not know how it got there, but obviously I added it when I wasn't paying attention. Derpy derp!
  • Added the meta-box-tabs extension from - I did this so the meta boxes will display in a tabbed format instead of taking up all of the realestate on the right hand side of the post editor. Looks reall nice if I do say so myself.
[1.0.6] 2017-12-26
  • Moved all css files to style.css - This was done in order to make less calls as well as to make the site load faster.
  • Removed CHANGELOG.txt file from the theme. One less file means overall smaller file size. Granted, not by much. Changes will be available via the file on the GitHub Repository.
  • Turned the totalpress_entry_footer into an action instead of just a function.
  • Modified the WooCommerce css pertaining to the Sale! tag added to items on sale.
  • Corrected an issue with the page loop. It was calling for content-single.php instead of content-page.php.
  • Modified a few of the actions regarding the header areas of posts and pages by combining some of the actions.
  • Turned <?php totalpress_entry_page_footer(); ?> into <?php do_action('totalpress_entry_page_footer'); ?>.
  • Switched <?php totalpress_posted_on(); ?>, which was a function, into an action <?php do_action('totalpress_posted_on'); ?>.
  • Switched all metaboxes from to the Meta Box Plugin from
  • Added TGM Plugin Activation Configuration for the Meta Box plugin. since I made the decision to switch to this plugin for the metaboxes.
  • Made the plugins listed in TGM PLugin Activation screen required. TotalPress is built around these plugins, so I figure the plugins need to be required.
  • Changed the title of the checkbox in Page Builder Options from Remove Content Padding to Remove Content Area Padding.
  • Corrected an issue where if a default layout was chosen in the customizer, the layout was displayed on single posts and pages even though a different layout template was chosen from the Page Attributes dropdown. Thanks Kel.
  • Added no-footer-widets body class. If all of the boxes are checked under Hide Footer Widgets metabox, then the footer widget area will be hidden. Before, without the body class, the footer area would still be visible.
  • Added full-width-thumb thumbnail size to functions.php. The actual size is 1200 wide with unlimited height.
[1.0.5] 2017-12-10
  • Turned all the loops into hooks for easier modification.
  • Moved all html into hooks as well, still have a few files with html in them. That is for 1.0.6
[1.0.4] 2017-12-05
  • Changed the order of the sidebars to reflect a "top down" approach.
  • renamed sidebar-1 and sidebar-2 in functions.php, sidebar-1 is now content sidebar one and sidebar-2 is now content sidebar two. Someone pointed out to me that right and left sidebars do not matter on mobile as the content is stacked. Made sense so I changed the names.
[] 2017-12-04
  • Corrected an issue with a PHP short tag in one of the files.
  • Removed admin.css as it was not being used.
  • Corrected typo in the header sidebar area.
  • Added styles to top sidebar and footer sidebar so sub menu items will not display. Top Sidebar and Footer Sidebar menus are meant to be simple.
  • Adjusted the layout of the header. Also adjusted where some of the hooks were being displayed in the header as well as removed some hooks from the header.
  • Changed the name of the right sidebar from Main to Right Sidebar.
[1.0.3] 2017-12-04
  • This version did not make it into the theme repo. There was an error with a PHP short tag being used in the theme.
[1.0.2] 2017-11-16
  • Corrected issue where certain options were not working due to the fact that I did not updated those functions when I added the unique names in 1.0.1
  • Adjusted a few css styles.
  • Changed the order of appearance in the customizer of Header Alignment.
[1.0.1] 2017-11-13
  • Added CHANGELOG.txt file to keep track of changes made to the theme.
  • Removed an extra occurance of add_theme_support('post-thumbnails'); which was located on line 31 of functions.php.
  • Added unique prefix for everything the Theme defines in the public namespace, including options, functions, global variables, constants, post meta, etc.
[1.0.0] 2017-11-02
  • Initial submission to the theme review team on 11/02/2017