A WordPress framework that facilitates the development of WP themes
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Latest commit 7b202c8 Jan 19, 2017 @GheorgheP GheorgheP committed with moldcraft Optimization (#2342)
* Removed reference

* Made FW_Option_Type access key as private member

* No changes made. Minor code refactoring

* Implemented autoload

* Store options in FW_Cache

* Added @since directive to exceptions

* Removed the __constructor from FW_Option_Type

* Added __construct to FW_Option_Type

* Added options filters for specific post type and taxonomy

* Added FW_Callback, fw_callback(), fw_call()

* Removed the reference from render_choices() method parameters

* Added fw_callback cache

* Fixed issue with Closures

* Applied fw_call in fw_akg

* Applied fw_call() on all option types before render and save

* Added fw_get_option_default_value()

* Replace `fw_get_options_values_from_input` with `fw_get_options_default_values` in FW_Db_Options_Model::get

* Fixed fw_get_option_default_value to check for array value

* No need to apply load_callbacks on `$data`


Unyson Framework Download

Unyson is a framework for WordPress that facilitates the development of a theme.

This framework was created from the ground up by the team behind ThemeFuse from the desire to empower developers to build outstanding WordPress themes fast and easy.

Table of contents


  1. Open the WordPress dashboard Plugins > Add New menu
  2. Type Unyson in the search field
  3. Press the Install button and activate the plugin
  4. Configure the plugin by going to the Unyson menu


Unyson's documentation is available on http://manual.unyson.io/.

You can help us improve the documentation by contributing to this Github repository.


If you have a bug report or feature request related to a specific extension, follow one of the links below:


You can contribute with:

If you have themes built with Unyson, test the compatibility with new extensions updates before they are going to be released on Unyson Extensions Approval.

Bug reports

We strive to make Unyson Development to be awesome and user friendly, though sometimes it's impossible to avoid bugs. A bug means "something is broken" or is not working as it should.

In order to offer you an effective support and fix for an issue, please follow the below guidelines before submitting a bug report:

Explore Known Issues

Has your issue already been reported? Check the Issues page.

If your issue has already been reported, great! It will be reviewed in an upcoming release.

Submitting a Bug Report

You can report the issue via Issues page. A good bug report includes full details to easily understand the issue you are having and the exact steps to reproduce if it is a bug.

Copyright and license

Code and documentation copyright 2014 ThemeFuse LTD. Code released under the GPL license. Docs released under Creative Commons.

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