Search and find free, open source Jekyll themes.
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Search and find free, open source Jekyll themes.

Adding a theme

  1. Fork this repo.
  2. Create up to 5 screenshots and put them in assets/screenshots/theme-name.
  3. Create a resized version of the main screenshot (to be used as the theme's thumbnail) saved as assets/screenshots/theme-name/thumbnail.jpg
  4. Copy from the repository root into _themes and rename it as
  5. Edit the YAML data in the file to reflect your theme (see below).
  6. Submit a pull request!


Screenshots must be 1366x768 pixels and saved as a JPG. Use Firefox's Responsive Design Mode to get the size exact.

The thumbnail screenshot must be resized to 640x360 at 85% quality and saved to assets/screenshots/theme-name/thumbnail.jpg

GIMP or ImageMagick can convert and resize the screenshots and thumbnail.


Key Description Possible Values
title The theme's title.
date The current date. Use YYYY-MM-DD format.
license The theme's license. Use an SPDX identifier when possible.
license_link A link to the license. A file in the theme's repository or SPDX link is recommended.
homepage The theme's homepage. Use the GitHub repository if none is available.
github The theme maintainer's GitHub username.
repository The theme's repository name.
gem The Gem name if the theme is published on RubyGems. If not, remove this line.
demo A link to the theme's demo website.
download A direct link to download the theme.
screenshots The list of screenshot filenames stored at assets/screenshots/theme-name.
description A short description of the theme.
features A list of features the theme supports. See the current list on the ThemeJekyll website. You are also welcome to request a new one by adding it here.
categories A list of categories the theme fits in. Generally follows WordPress categories. See the current list on the ThemeJekyll website.
layouts A list of layouts the theme supports. 1 Column, 2 Column, 3 Column, 4 Column, Grid
tags A list of tags for the theme. See the ThemeJekyll website.

Theme Requirements

Themes must meet the following requirements to be accepted into ThemeJekyll:

  1. Works with Jekyll 3.0+
  2. Is activly maintained.
  3. Has a GitHub repository.
  4. Has an open source license.
  5. Has a working demo. (Please create a real demo, don't just use your personal blog.)