A modular and lightweight, responsive email framework.
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Pine Email Framework

A modular and lightweight, responsive email framework by ThemeMountain.

Inspired by the awesome Foundation for Emails, we created a framework that is lighter, flexible, and reliable.

There is no build system. Just a grid, some CSS, a few design patterns, and some awesome components. Simply copy HTML and stack grid elements in a default layout file, then add your own content inside them.


  • Compatible with major email clients, thoroughly tested
  • Responsive, 12 column grid
  • Interactive components (hamburger menu, accordions)
  • Facilitates Outlook background image support
  • Mobile breakpoint column sizes and offsets
  • Alignment and visibility helpers
  • Reverse column stacking on mobile


Framework documentation is available at thememountain.github.io/pine


If you found a bug in Pine, please open an issue.

In The Wild

Are you using Pine for your email templates? Let us know, and we'll add your logo here.